Legal services online

Should you be interested, I offer online legal consultations during which you do not need to leave the comfort of your home or office. Online legal services are usually provided via long-distance communication platforms (such as Skype Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber or other apps suitable for communication with clients).

Arranging and course of online legal consultation

Online legal consultation must always be ordered in advance on a phone number +420 777 026 726.

While ordering the online consultation we will discuss its date, its content, estimated time and other applicable terms and conditions.

Online legal consultations are suitable especially for simpler legal matters and short legal questions which do not require personal meetings and/or hand-over or study of materials or court files.

PLEASE NOTE: The attorney-at-law reserves the right to decline provision of an online legal consultation if its provision is for any reason inappropriate or insufficient.

Other terms and conditions

Online legal consultation is always provided by an attorney-at-law. Results and suggestions arising from such consultation are never results from machine information processing, artificial intelligence or any other form of information technologies.

Provision of online legal consultations is governed by laws and regulations regulating the provision of legal services on the territory of the Czech Republic (especially regarding the confidentiality of information disclosed to the attorney, conflict of interests etc.).