Legal services

I usually provide legal services in the below stated areas of law.
If you require legal representation or consultation in the area of law which is not specifically listed below,
it is always possible to discuss your situation and agree on cooperation.
If needed I can provide you with recommendations and contact details of an expert in the field you require.

Please choose an area of law in which you need assistance:

• Representation of the accused
• Representation of harmed party
• Complaints in criminal process
• Appeals and protests
• Appelate review
• Criminal complaints
• Compliance of legal persons

• Purchase of property
• Sale of property
• Lease contracts
• Sublease contracts
• Donation of property
• Contracts for work
• Attorney escrow accounts

• License proceedings
• Communications with the CNB
• Preparation of contractual documents
• Internal directives of financial institution
• Preparation of terms and conditions
• Cooperation with agents
• Risk assessments within institutions

• Contract preparation and review
• Contracts for work
• Consumer protection
• Allimony
• Divorce of marriage
• Relationship with minors regulation
• Community property of spouses

• Administrative delicts
• Representation of the accused
• Representation of the harmed party
• Appeal against a decision
• Extraordinary remedial measures
• Administrative actions against decisions
• Extradition proceedings

• Establishment of companies
• Business contracts
• Share transfers
• General meetings
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Contracts for performance of function
• Liquidation of companies

• Contracts of employment
• Internal guidelines
• Representation of employers
• Representation of employees
• Labour disputes
• Termination of labour contracts
• Labour law trainings

I can assist you with the debt
recovery from your debtors.
I provide complex legal support
for debt recovery.
I cooperate with several notary
and execution offices for maximum
efficiency when it comes to debt

• Trademarks
• Patents
• Utility patterns
• Industrial designs
• Unfair competition
• License agreements
• Copyright law